Sannan Sharif (Senior Prefect 2018-2019)

As I looked down from the stage one last time during the assembly today, I didn’t just see orderly lines. I realized that in front of me, was a five-year long journey that showed how those timid yet excited O Level boys, standing to my right, transformed into the elegantly dressed ‘Men in Black’, standing to my left. And this change, this revamping, was owed to nothing else but this very school – that I now call home. Looking back on my five-year journey at this school, I understand now that this metamorphosis happens because of the two key values that JT instills into each of its students. It teaches you that you’re entitled to nothing, but what you are capable of, is everything! This realization, that there will be obstacles in our path and instead of worrying over who placed those hurdles, we must work hard to remove the obstacles and keep moving forward. Five years ago, I was deeply insecure about my inability to speak fluent English, with my legs shaking the moment I had to utter a few words in class. Now, however, when I stand in front an audience of 1500, I stand with my feet firm on the ground, knowing that I have earned my place on the stage. This is just one of the hundreds of opportunities JT has given me and when I look back at this journey, I realize that whatever I am today, is a product of the efforts of my mentors at JT. My love for JT did not just begin when I started thriving here, it even existed during the times of failure, rejection and disappointment as well. That is where I learnt the third most important lesson: Patience. Patience does not just mean suffering in silence, it is about staying optimistic in times of despair, about being able to foresee the dawn right after night. These lessons will forever stay with me and I will always stay indebted to JT. Thank you JT.

Swarthmore College, Class of 2023