Asmer Asrar Safi (Head Boy 2018-19)

As a timid ninth grader, stepping into the confines of this red-bricked structure, was an experience quite mesmerizing for me. Having attended several small schools before enrolling into the O Levels Program at JT, I was rather confused when I first heard the Head Boy of the Class of 2015 speak to his juniors in his farewell speech about how JT was beyond a mere school – it was an identity.

Five years down the road, I am proud to say that every time I don my black blazer, I stand, not as a student waiting to attend his daily rut of classes. Rather, I stand as a JT-ite, and I take pride in all the values that this institution has instilled into me throughout my time here. While most programs often tend to only focus on churning out good academic results, and while that is important, JT goes beyond that. It is an institution that, alongside maintaining and surpassing its ever-excellent academic and co-curricular record, emphasizes on maintaining tradition, inculcating a sense of brotherhood and teaching its pupils to excel in whatever they pursue in the future. It is for this reason, that I am truly indebted to both Ma’am Faiqa Afzal and Ma’am Fareeha Muntazar, who have taught me the significance of these values, and have a wonderful set of faculty members that continue to impart and disseminate the core principles this institution runs on.

As the leaving Head Boy of the Class of 2019, I cannot wait to return for an alumni dinner in the upcoming years, once more donning my school blazer. JT is, and always will be, my home.

Harvard University, Class of 2023